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Roma on Fire

Roma On Fire is the spectacular show about Ancient Rome presented by Roma World. This timeless evening performance takes place in the grand cinematic set of Ben Hur, a faithful reconstruction of the Circus Maximus, the site of major international films and series.

The glory of the Roman Empire, the feats of Gladiators and Legionaries, come alive in an action-packed live show full of passion and special effects. From the parade of legions before the Emperor, to chariot races, to battles between valiant gladiators in the arena, prepare to experience the most thrilling hour in history.
Dozens of performers including dancers, gladiators, and centurions make this a unique show in Italy.

Special effects and timeless music bring Ancient Rome to life like never before.
What would you be willing to sacrifice for the person you love? General Maximus, the protagonist of the show, upon returning to Rome from victorious campaigns in the provinces, discovers that his beloved has been captured and enslaved. He will fight, risking his life, against dangerous gladiators, all for love.
There was once a dream that was Rome… at Roma World, you can live that dream.

Buy now
the Vip Ticket

to participate in the show, which includes:

1) Reserved seats for the evening show

2) Round-trip shuttle service to/from Rome Termini or Eur Palasport
Departure: 6:00 PM from Rome Termini (Via delle Terme di Diocleziano); 6:30 PM from Eur Palasport (Viale America). Return: 10:00 PM from Roma World – Arrival 11:00 PM at Eur Palasport – 11:30 PM at Rome Termini

3) Themed dinner with Gladiator menu
(7:00 PM at the Taberna). The menu includes: First courses: rice and cheese, spelt with garden herbs, barley with pork cheek and Mediterranean vegetables; Main courses and sides: meat grill (skewers and pork), vegetables; Various: whole wheat bread (panis militaris), water, and wine

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